Talks in Windermere 15th April and Friends Meeting House, Garstang 16th April

If you’re up in the Lakes this weekend do stop by Mother Earth at 6:30pm and meet like-minded folks on the natural road to health!


Or if you are in the Garstang area this Sunday morning feel free to drop by Friends Meeting House on Calder House Lane in Garstang PR3 1ZE. We have our meeting for worship from 10:30 for an hour, then we are sharing lunch we have brought. If you’ve not been to a Friends meeting before this is a great opportunity to join in – we are a very friendly welcoming group!

After lunch I will present insights from my research on getting to the root causes of dementia and addressing each of them to empower recovery.

My talk will be delivered in a relaxed informal uplifting way with plenty of interaction between all of us. This latest research is indeed good news and not the usual depressing drivel about doom, gloom and decline and simply learning to ‘live with’ a supposedly ‘incurable’ disease. Come and hear what is possible using a multimodal lifestyle approach – and the first ever clinical trial showing remarkable recovery in 9 months from an Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

Thank you so much for attending these events. If you sign up for this blog you will be notified when I post new information. Feel free to contact me at with any further questions!

Here is information I’ve written on BREATHWORK:

Here is my SLEEP handout:

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