People’s Health Alliance – Place: the New Medicine 23 March 2023

Thank you for attending PHA’s discussion today on care design, models and blueprints for the future with Buelah, Justin and Sasha. Here is Gar’s presentation to download as a PDF.

5 responses to “People’s Health Alliance – Place: the New Medicine 23 March 2023”

  1. Wow go you xx

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    1. Great to see you and your women at the Health Mela, go you!! xo


  2. Have you seen Patrick Holford’s work – His book ‘The Alzheimer’s Prevention Plan was published in 2005, I believe. The organisation was set up more recently. On there is a free cognitive function survey that shows you how you’re doing in 8 areas of your life and how to improve these areas.


    1. Hi Dorothy, Yes I am familiar with his work, the website and the survey – very credible information! Thank you for alerting us.


      1. Excellent – here’s a link to my husband’s ongoing recovery from Alzheimer’s. He isn’t completely well yet – but he’s progressed so much from when we were given the ‘hopeless’ diagnosis of a progressive disease you just have to live with.


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