Cockerham Village Hall (Friday Oct 21st)

The Roadshow arrives in my neighbourhood of Cockerham at the Village Hall (Cockerham, Main Street LA2 0EF) this coming Friday, October 21st. There will be an afternoon talk at 2pm which will be followed by a Workshop. If you would like to book, email Garuth at or just show up.

Friday evening the talk will begin at 7pm. Doors will open around 6:30 and Danny will be running the bar. Very special guest poet Dave Holden’s inspirational heart-warming rhymes will add an extra special dimension to the event!

There is no charge to attend. We just hope you find the information useful. You will learn some practical tips you can put to use right away. The Dementia Pioneers are not affiliated with any Alzheimer’s charity. We are not an organisation, none of us are paid and we do not raise money. We do not promote drugs for dementia. Instead, we focus on what people can do for themselves. All the information given can be found in the scientific literature. If you would like to donate towards expenses of hall rental, banners and publicity we would be very grateful!
Banner at Cockerham Road and Main Street

A big thank you to the English 909 which provides the soundtrack to our events. They have very kindly been running an ad on the airwaves all week to advertise the Cockerham Village Hall event!!

For freedom fighters and patriots around the world, find them online here

I look forward to meeting you on the day!

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