Dementia Pioneers Roadshow

If you are local to the Chorley/Preston area in Lancashire you are in for a treat! The Dementia Pioneers Roadshow is making a return. There will be a series of events in the month of September to raise awareness about the many ways dementia can be prevented and symptoms can be reduced – or even reversed. This Roadshow is made possible by donations received from family and friends in memory of a lovely lady who passed away far too soon. This blog post will be updated over the next week or so as more dates are confirmed.

Please sign up below so you don’t miss any further dates!

One response to “Dementia Pioneers Roadshow”

  1. Christine Aldcroft-Colling avatar
    Christine Aldcroft-Colling

    I would be interested in going to the talk at The Seaview on the 25th October.

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