Dementia Pioneers Health Coaching

Back on track

Are you losing focus? Do you need to get back on track? The Dementia Pioneers is an organisation dedicated to helping people who are losing motivation and incentive due to memory problems and feel the need for support on the journey back to health. We offer health coaching personalised to your specific needs in collaboration with your naturopathic practitioner.

We are currently based in northwest England but plan to assist clients further afield in the future. Our initial 15 minute free online consultation will determine if and how we might work together. Our first in-person meeting will be at your home to take a full case history. You will be offered for purchase a coaching package of a number of visits over a period of weeks – online, in person or a combination.

Have you wanted to be sharper, clear-minded with a good memory?

Your certified health coach is an experienced health researcher with two decades of involvement helping those with memory issues access multimodal interventions to improve health and wellbeing.

Your client-coach relationship includes a learning and development process in which you are supported to achieve specific personal goals. In order to achieve your desired results you will be educated about a wide range of evidence-based approaches to brain health. These include diet, exercise, brain training, improved sleep and connection to nature and community. You will be supported within a caring and respectful client-coach relationship while learning and achieving your self-directed goals.

Nutrient-dense whole foods (Photo by Sharon McCutcheon)

Don’t give up, sharpen up!

The Dementia Pioneers began at Lancaster University in 2015 to provide evidence-based information to the general public on non-drug approaches to preventing dementia. Since then, a personalized integrative treatment approach has shown symptom reduction for many people and in some cases symptom reversal has been possible.1-3

Personalised integrative treatment approach (Photo by Pixabay)

Online survey results

98% of you believe “An older person’s memory can be improved.” Some more of your answers:

Q: Top healthy brain foods consumed? A: Nuts, Olive oil, Beetroot, Fish, Broccoli and Mushrooms were your top foods followed closely by Avocadoes, Berries and Dark Chocolate.

Q: How to improve brain power? A: “Getting good sleep” was your top choice followed closely by “Singing or dancing” “Positive thoughts, beliefs & attitudes” and “Brain training.”

Market Survey Results – Graph shows responses chosen in answer to the question “Which of these can improve brain power?”  
Singing, dancing and music improve brain power (Photo by Mikhail Nilov)

Q: What would you do if you started having memory problems? A: “Find which root causes are relevant to me and address them” (47%) and “I’d seek a practitioner who is treating memory problems” (34%).

30% surveyed felt they didn’t reach their goals because they “lose interest and don’t stick with it.”  

Dementia Health Coach – Working with practitioners to support, encourage and believe in their patients


Being outdoors in nature improves brain power (Photo by Chris McLean)


  1. Bredesen, D (2021) The First Survivors of Alzheimer’s – How Patients Recovered Life and Hope in Their Own Words, Avery, New York.
  2. Chalfont G, Simpson J, Davies S, Morris D, Wilde R, Willoughby L, Milligan C (2019) Personalised Medicine for Dementia: Collaborative Research of Multimodal Non-pharmacological Treatment with the UK National Health Service (NHS). OBM: Geriatrics 3, 10.21926/obm.geriatr.1903066.
  3. Bredesen, D (2017) The End of Alzheimer’s, Ebury Publishing London.

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