Garuth Chalfont, PhD is a health researcher and dementia health coach living in Lancashire, UK

Garuth has spent 20 years designing and building residential and healthcare gardens. Dementia prevention inspires him to coach individuals back on track.


Garuth, just wanted to thank you for your generous sharing of this wonderful material 👏 Lots of food for thought and certainly lots of information I can use to help my family with issues around dementia. 
Hope to meet you soon. Much gratitude and respect for your work. 


Thank you Garuth for keeping me updated. I am really looking forward to bringing this roadshow to our volunteers first, then to our members and families.……. community. I am really proud of you.

Champaben Mistry

This is an awesome email follow up and the attachments are incredibly powerful. So pleased to see the Rudolf Steiner quote in there too – that was so spooky of him to predict that all those years ago.

Mark R

Dear Garuth
Thank you for your quick response to my email 


In my excitement to send the email, I forgot to thank you for your work – it is so irregular to hear of someone telling good news! Backing it with studies,
Giving answers and solutions,
Against the mainstream of life!
For Free !
You’re Amazing 


and I haven’t even met you!
Thank you 😄😄😄😄😄

Kristy Beard


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